Being a do it yourself musician can be overwhelming, so why not let us do everything in your too hard basket! We have a range of packages to suit all of your artist needs depending on what stage you are at or your budget.

Songwriting Masterclasses Songwriting Masterclasses

These songwriting masterclasses are our signature service! Placing emerging talent together with an already hit selling writer and producer is what we do best. This is a unique and unmatched service that will have you networking with award winning professionals. We now offer all kinds of development masterclasses which you can read more about here.

Artist Services Artist Services

I’ve written hits for Disney and artists all over the world. I know what it takes to be an independent but I also know how awesome it is to have the support of a record label. You can pay us by the hour, no ongoing contracts. This will give you the time to be your most creative self, while we worry about the rest for you. We are the one stop shop for everything music biz!

Since 2009 Platinum Artist Development has been helping emerging Australian and international talent succeed in their music career.

What we do

Music Promotion / Artist Services

Music video production
Music Videos

Video is the new black and we know you need it. We have affordable rates from award winning directors. Studio or location we can work to your budget and make you look incredible with our team of art directors and stylists.
Lyric video’s are also a great way of catching attention on social media, so please get in touch for a competitive quote.

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About Bec Caruana
Artist Management Consulting

Pay by the hour, no ongoing contract. No other company will offer you this service.

This will give you the flexibility you need and we will will be able to provide a service that can be adapted to your needs.

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Independent release packages
Independent Release Package

Once we have helped you to develop your own product & brand, we can help you push your music to the world. This package will include radio, paylist & blog servicing, youtube promo. Our team will assist with whatever you need, from Art work, mastering, ISRC codes, Key images, press release, Campaign teaser, APRA and PPCA.

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Songwriting Mastercalass
Songwriting Masterclass

An 8 hour songwriting workshop with our director, platinum award winning songwriter, Bec Caruana and a gold or platinum award winning producer of your choice from our impressive team.

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artists legal services
Legal Services

When you’re doing everything right and offers start to come in, ‘The Business’ can become over whelming. Our team have a tonne of industry business knowledge. If we can’t asssit you we will be here to guide you and put you in touch with the right advice.

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Platinum Gurantee

Our Mission

Our goal is to help you create your niche sound and image that is authentically you.

Since 2009 Platinum Artist Development has been helping emerging Australian and international talent succeed in their music career. Platinum Artist Development is owned and run by Platinum Award winning writers and producers.

Don’t let the hard stuff get in the way of the fun stuff

  • Artist Development
    We cover all aspects of artist development: Song and repertoire selection, production and artist development. Images, branding, everything you need, right through to a release.
  • Production
    We oversee of all aspects of production from beginning to end, including selecting and securing producers, engineers, mixing, mastering, studios and session players.
Music Promotion / Artist Services
  • Artist Mentoring
    Artist Mentoring Career evaluation, advice and guidance. Enjoy the luxury of a music industry expert, just a phone call away.
  • Platinum Artist Development
    Platinum Artist Development works with artists, singers, songwriters, bands, producers and DJ’s to help them find…..launch and sell!

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