About Bec Caruana

About Bec Caruana

Bec Caruana is a multi-platinum award winning songwriter & singer, her works have sold over 1.8 million units all over the world. She has toured with Pink, The Sugarbabes, C&C Music Factory, Snap, Bon Jovi & Shaggy. Bec is a multi-facetted performer, writer and recording artist. Stemming from a career in pop and as a house music vocalist. She has written for artists all over the world including a no.1 in Japan. Her music has been placed on films by Disney and Universal Studios. 

Bec was signed to Warner Music Australia in 2001 (A.K.A BJ Caruana) and enjoyed 2 top 40 hits of her own (Bump & Dance All Night).  Dance all Night is famed for being the 1st dance track to be added to commercial radio in Australia. Reaching no. 5 on the ARIA Club Chart. 

"Rebecca Caruana, is a very talented and passionate individual with valuable experience as an artist, session singer, vocal teacher, songwriter and manager she really has a lot to offer her clients"
Sven Tydeman Songwriter
Sven Tydeman
“ Bec is such a talented songwriter and a great artist mentor. She treats her artists the same way she approaches her songwriting - with dedication, passion and heaps of laughter. She’s an amazing person to be around. "
Sean Carey Songwriter
Sean Carey - Thirsty Merc
Writer and Producer
Booshu Records

Bec now runs her own boutique dance label, Booshu Records. 

“ I started Booshu as a way to promote pop songs through remixes, it’s so much more affordable to break a new artist this way and at the same time you can cross many genres” 

In the past 12 months Bec’s label, Booshu has had 5 iTunes No.1’s and ten top 10’s. Bec Has also been instrumental in the career management of ARIA Club Chart topping artist, DYLAN.

In 2021 Bec “Nailed her blind audition on the Voice” – news.com.au
“I’m looking for a voice like yours, I think you’d be really unstoppable,” said Jess Mauboy. “You are exceptional. I love you.”

2022 saw Bec Caruana return to the house music scene with her top 40 Club hit, ‘Confession.’

Bec is also a regular consultant and the prestigious, Talent Development Project.

In 2021 Bec decided to do a blind audition for the Voice Aust.

“There was no other stage open and I thought what a great excuse to have fun, tick off a bucket list item and do a blind audition. I was also interested in going through the process of the show so I can better coach artists who want to do the same. I couldn’t understand why some of my favourite singers weren’t getting on the show, now I know. I made news headlines in Australia and the UK at the same time”

Bec had her own success #2 on iTunes with her single ‘Til We’re Naked in July 2021.

2022, Currently ARIA TOP 40 Club Hit – ‘Confession’

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